Welcome The HP IPG electronic Instant Reference Guide (eIRG) is a small application which conveniently runs on your Windows PC. Unlike the printed IRG, which is published just twice a year, the IPG eIRG is updated monthly, keeping you informed of the most current product details. Additionally, the HP IPG eIRG works both online and offline; users no longer require Internet access to get the information they need, and content is automatically updated whenever you connect to the Web.

Please note that delivery of the IPG eIRG requires a two-step process. Start with registration, then proceed to installation.

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Take a few minutes to view the HP IPG eIRG Video Tour to learn more about this valuable application. The accompanying tutorial provides a step-by-step guide for using the eIRG, and you'll become versed in all of its features and capabilities. Click on the "Video Tour" button to begin.

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Application Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro with SP3 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0
  • If you don’t have administrative rights, please see your network administrator to install these tools
  • During installation of the .NET Framework your PC will reboot
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 240 MB of free hard drive space
  • 2.4 GHZ or faster dual core processor

The IPG eIRG will provide you with many new features over the printed version:

  • Monthly content updates
  • SKU Level product information
  • Side by side comparison with any group of products (for example, Laser and Ink, or even one obsolete product with 2 or 3 new products to find the right replacement for your customer)
  • Ability to email and generate PDFs based on the info you want
  • Search by the top requested features in each product category
  • Contains current and previous IPG product offerings that date back to 1998
  • Works both online and offline

Notice for users outside the United States
Please note that URLs within the HP IPG eIRG link to U.S. websites only. Only U.S. IPG products and supplies are shown within this tool.

The IPG eIRG is focused on North America IPG Commercial products. There are oftentimes retail-specific and region-specific SKUs that may not be featured in the IPG eIRG. This tool may not contain all derivatives of each HP product that are available. Product features and accessories may vary between each derivative and are subject to change. Visit hp.com for a complete listing of available SKUs. Please contact the IPG eIRG Team if you have questions or comments.